Therefore at this time i’ve a boyfriend. Thus far our relationship was great.

Therefore at this time i’ve a boyfriend. Thus far our relationship was great. This time around I’m wondering and confused. My ex that we used to date and thought their the main one broke my heart 7 years back. Soon after we split up, I relocated and removed him on social media marketing, but he kept incorporating me personally. Over him why not so I decide oh well, I’m. Final we talked on and off, this time we talked, he calls, he invites me to visit him in Australia saying how cheap the fare year. Additionally, he offers me personally hint like, oh I’m getting hitched year that is next or invites me personally to their wedding in the foreseeable future and therefore he does not have gf. What’s he attempting to do? Confuse me personally since when he calls my emotions through the past comes please help advice back. We dated him final summer time then split up with him because i did son’t think it could exercise, despite the fact that We nevertheless had emotions for him, and through out of the entire 12 months he’d drop by my house and speak about their brand new partner. In the summertime we spend time allot because we go directly to the exact same places and my bff is dateing their friend so we find yourself together allot. To be honest though he always follows me personally around but then functions like he hates me personally but goes down and speaks together with his buddies about me personally. We don’t know if he’s trying to pull game or nevertheless likes me personally because he keeps stating that we dated for 2sunmers once we odviously didn’t and he keeps dropping all those tips which he would like to get together again. But he speaks to allot of girls but informs me that whenever me personally and him date he could be gonna stop…. […]