So what does the Q in LGBTQ are a symbol of?

So what does the Q in LGBTQ are a symbol of? Ever end up wondering exactly exactly just what the page Q stands for in LGBTQ? Find out more about the letter and term it is short for here. The “Q” in LGBTQ is short for “queer” or “questioning. ” (Picture: Joe Raedle, Getty Pictures) June is LGBT pride month, a yearly anti-discrimination effort made official this past year with a proclamation from President Obama. LGBT — meaning lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender — is a commonly accepted initialism. Nonetheless, a 5th page is increasingly making its means to the line-up: Q. United States Of America TODAY system chatted with professionals and folks within the community that is gay exactly what the Q means, why it really is utilized and that is saying it. So what does the ‘Q’ stand for? Q can indicate either ‘questioning’ or ‘queer, ‘ Fred Sainz, a spokesman when it comes to Human Rights Campaign, a business that lobbies for LGBT rights, told USA TODAY system. […]